Transforming the Future of Insurance: Agile Claim and Ping Unite

We are thrilled to announce our amazing partnership with Ping! By combining Agile Claim’s innovative solution with Ping’s groundbreaking app, we are offering our customers the ultimate driver safety tool and a truly transformative digital claims solution.

Our Agile Claim app is designed to revolutionize the claims management process, cut costs, reduce processing time, and enhance the overall customer journey. And with Ping’s incredible voice platform, drivers can stay focused on the road, all while receiving real-time notifications read out loud, eliminating the need to check their phones.

But that’s not all! Ping’s platform also allows employers and customers to communicate with drivers safely and efficiently, increasing productivity, saving time, and reducing costs. And with the flexibility to access the platform through standalone and white-label apps or embedded in their own apps, fleet managers, drivers, and insurers can manage risk more effectively and boost operational efficiency.

Ping’s founder and chief revenue officer, Barrie Arnold, says the partnership focuses on the top three insurance KPIs: reducing claims, increasing brand engagement, and demonstrating customer-facing innovation and differentiation. Using a modular and plug-and-play approach, clients can choose the components that best meet their needs.


About Ping

Ping is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in developing solutions that enable safe, efficient, and cost-effective communication between drivers and their employers, customers, and insurers. Their innovative voice platform removes the temptation to check phones while driving, by automatically reading out loud any time-sensitive messages, such as emails, texts, and dispatch notifications. Ping’s platform allows real-time communication between drivers and customers, increasing productivity, saving time and reducing costs. With a modular, plug-and-play approach, their platform can be accessed through standalone and white-label apps or embedded in the client’s own app. Ping’s ultimate goal is to transform the future of driving, and increase safety for all road users.