Agile Developments is appointed by Artura to provide its FNOL claims reporting solution

Agile Developments Group is pleased to announce it has been appointed by Artura Consultancy to provide Agile Claim App as its digital FNOL claims reporting solution for its customers and business partners.

Companies within the insurance industry are always looking for innovative and transformational solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce cost, whilst improving the customer experience, engagement and outcome. Agile Developments and Artura are aiming to bring this to life using the Agile Claim App for their customers and business partners by providing a full FNOL claims reporting service to gather all the claims data, in-app vehicle damage assessment to identify if a vehicle is repairable/total loss, as well as immediate collection of third-party details, passengers, injuries, images of damage and validation of contact details.

The Artura Claim App will help customers to quickly and easily report a FNOL claim with step-by step guidance, reducing the time it takes to report a claim, and speeding up the claims process by collecting all the relevant claims data to enable faster decisions to be made in authorising repairs, total loss settlement, liability, anti-fraud and mitigation. By helping to speed up the end-to-end claims process, we can help customers to get their cars repaired or replaced and get them back on the road quicker, whilst also reducing the claims cost and resources required in managing the claim.


About Agile Developments Group

Agile Developments works with Insurers, MGA’s, Brokers, Claims Management, Repairers, Fleet, Telematics, Lease & Rental companies to develop innovative digital and transformational solutions using AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics. Our goal is to improve the customer experience, engagement and outcomes, while helping companies reduce operating costs and resource to improve efficiency. Agile Claim App (PWA) and portal is a motor insurance claims management solution designed to help reduce claims management costs, processing time and resources, combat potential fraudulent claims, mitigate losses, while improving the customer journey and experience. It can be white labelled and integrated within another app and configured as required.

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About Artura Consultancy

At Artura, we foster strong partnerships with insurance companies, brokers, claims management companies, fleets, and individuals in need of vehicle repairs. Our collaborative approach allows us to create and execute cutting-edge processes throughout the vehicle repair phase of a claim. These innovative solutions not only bring advantages to our partners, but also enhance the overall experience for their customers. We have the capacity to place repair work almost immediately across the UK supported by over 115 bodyshops.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive Estimating and Engineering solutions in-house, catering for both bodyshops and insurers. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled optimization and equitable pricing that benefits all parties involved.

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Quote – Scott Greenhill (Agile Developments Group – Founder & CEO)

“We are really excited to be working with Anthony, Paul, and all the team at Artura, and offering their customers and business partners an innovative end-to-end FNOL claim reporting app and claims management solution.”

Quote – Anthony Heard (Artura – Managing Director)

“I am excited to work alongside Scott and Agile Developments as we have been talking for a while about working together and always agreed about the importance of making processes quicker in the claims process, and I am delighted to come onboard”

Quote – Paul Goddard (Artura – Director)

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Agile Developments. After thoroughly researching the development of our own mobile app and carefully assessing the time and financial commitments it would entail, the decision to partner with Scott and Agile became incredibly obvious. When we saw the app in action, it exceeded all our expectations, providing us with everything we needed and more. It’s truly remarkable to have an FNOL reporting application that meets our requirements without upfront investment required.”