Capture the possibilities of Digital;
Simplify Processes

With Agile Claim® progressive web application, you can capture:

Specific claim type
Repairability / loss assessment
Incident location
Images of damage
Third party data & validation
Incident circumstances

“In less than 3 minutes,
submit all the specifics of the accident or incident.”

Redefining the customer experience

Agile Developments® works with Insurers, Claims Management, Fleet Management, TSP’s, OEM’s, Lease & Rental Companies to leverage savings, improve accessibility and experience for customers making a claim and speed up the process end to end using the Agile Claim® app and claims management system.
How Agile Claim® helps?

How Agile Claim® helps?

Lower claims management costs 90%
Reduce processing time and resource 90%
Improve the customer journey and experience 90%
Repairability & Total Loss Assessment (Triage) 90%
Combat potential fraudulent claims 90%
Mitigate losses & Speed up claims settlement 90%

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