Agile Claim and Flare Partner to Streamline Motor Insurance Claims

Agile Claim and Flare have joined forces to revolutionise the motor insurance claims process. By combining our innovative technologies, we are providing a full service that gathers instant FNOL and all the relevant claims data to speed up claims reporting. This will allow insurers to make faster decisions around authorisation of repairs, settlement, and quickly manage third party claims, mitigating losses and saving money.

Flare uses sensors within any device or connected vehicle to detect incidents and quickly populate instant FNOL. Agile Claim then collects all the relevant claims data, including in-app vehicle damage triage assessment, third-party details, passengers, injuries, images of damage, and validation of contact details. This streamlined process helps customers to report a claim faster and eliminates the need for late reporting of motor insurance claims, which can cost more than double if reported two weeks after the incident, and can easily quadruple if left three weeks or longer.

The partnership between Flare and Agile Claim can help transform the customer claims journey and experience, whilst also helping Insurers to reduce claims cost and resources to improve efficiency.

About Flare

Flare is a technology company that was founded with the mission of helping people stay safe. Originally, Flare developed a mobile app that could detect incidents and alert friends and family in case of emergency. Over time, the company has evolved and expanded its offerings to include a variety of safety and security solutions.

One of Flare’s latest innovations is its incident detection technology which is used by a variety of global brands such as Deliveroo, Tier and Lime to protect their employees and customers. It can automatically recognise when road users have experienced an adverse event and the incident detection algorithm collects the telemetry of what happened during the incident with up to 99.9% accuracy, G-force, location, time, RPM, etc. This is then provided in real time as a digital only FNOL to support pre-filled claims forms to start the claims process immediately.

Flare can be integrated into any existing app or devices (e.g., black box) or offered as a stand-alone white-label product to sit within your branding or product offering. The data is GDPR compliant and encrypted to global banking standard, so all user information is handled anonymously.